Music Scales

Here is a compilation of many of the basic music scales as well as more advanced diatonic and jazz scales. Knowing the different types scales can be very helpful when learning music theory. The beginner musician should understand three basic scales: major, minor, and chromatic. The intermediate musicians should additionally understand the diatonic scales. Advanced musicians and jazz musicians should understand all the advanced scales and what chords they are applied to.

Basic Scales:

Major Scale

Minor Scale

Chromatic Scale

Diatonic Scales:

Diatonic Scales Overview

-Ionian Scale (this is the same as a major scale)
-Dorian Scale
-Phrygian Scale
-Lydian Scale
-Mixolydian Scale
-Aeolian Scale (this is the same as a minor scale)
-Locrian Scale

More Advanced Jazz Scales:

Pentatonic Scale

Whole Tone Scale

Lydian Dominant Scale

Symmetrical Diminished Scale

Altered Scale