Best Jazz Albums

Jazz music is a wonderful artform that is a true window into the human spirit. The best jazz albums can be listened to time and time again and with each listen it's possible to hear something new in the music. Much consideration has gone into these lists and they are a great place for jazz fans to discover some of the finest masterpieces from the jazz era.

If you are learning to play jazz, then listening is essential to progress. Though it's a cliche, but jazz really is a language and immersing yourself in the language is the best way to improve. There are as many different styles and ways of playing as there are players.

Top 25 Jazz Albums part 1 and part 2 - This is a list of the 25 most influential and popular jazz albums of all time. It's a great place to start a jazz collection or to fill in any gaps in an existing collection. All of the albums had a massive affect on the jazz musical community and sometimes even popular music.

15 Jazz Albums for Musicians While not necessarily being the most popular jazz albums of all time, musicians will find these albums useful for studying or just to listen to some amazing jazz recorded on tape. These recordings capture the true magic, art, and personalities of some of the greatest players in jazz who spent an entire lifetime dedicated to the artform.

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