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Jazz Theory

Welcome to the Jazz Theory section of The Jazz Resource.

Jazz is a language. You must immerse yourself in it by listening, analyzing and studying the masters, past and present. Then the only way to be able to play this music is through constant practice and live playing with others.

You may want to review some basic theory before you learn the jazz theory.

You should also know your chords. If you need to learn these, download the free piano chord toolkit below:

Diatonic Seventh Chords -Gotta to learn this in order to understand how chord progressions work

Chord Tensions -Chord tensions make chords more colorful by adding the 9th, 11th, and 13th scale degree

Guide Tones -The 3rd and 7th define the chord quality, using guide tones can be very beneficial

Dominant V7 Chords -These are the chords that you can really spice up with natural or altered chord tensions

Secondary Dominant Chords -Another type of dom7 chord. These are huge in music and jazz theory

More Jazz Seventh Chords -A few more types to learn

Substitute Dominant Chords -Another type of dominant 7 chord which nearly modulate the key temporarily