Other Websites

Here are some websites that you might find helpful

Grouptones.com This is a awesome new site to find musicians to jam with as well as gigs and other events.
Thesmoothjazzride.com Covering all your smooth and contemporary jazz needs. Smooth jazz cd reviews and more.
musicarrangers.com This is a great site with loads of information on basic music theory. Click on the 3 buttons on the left that say pitch, chords, and time.
APassion4Jazz.net This is a website full of information about jazz history and jazz education.
Circle-of-fifths.net If you want to get serious about learning everything about the circle of fifths, this website is for you!
allaboutjazz.com This is one of the biggest jazz websites on the internet. It has loads of information regarding album reviews as well as a wonderful forum to ask all your jazz questions (but don't be afraid to ask me first on my contact page!)
www.jazzorg.com This is a jazz community website
www.good-ear.com This is a very handy website that has really improved my ear over the years
www.pandora.com This is a great site to listen to music for free! Basically you enter an artist you like and Pandora will create a customized station with similar artists for you to discover.