Welcome to the Jazz Resource! This site has been made to provide information on jazz music for listeners as well as performers and students. If you want to find some great albums to dig, check out the best jazz albums page. If you are trying to understand some theory behind the music, look into either the basic music theory or the jazz theory. If you want to explore some concepts about performing and improvising, check out playing the blues.

Jazz is a deep and complex art form that developed in the USA in the early 1900s and has become popular around the world. Many wonderful musicians dedicated a lifetime to developing and exploring its possibilities. 

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Thelonious Monk plays jazz piano
Joe Henderson plays jazz sax

Freddie Hubbard plays jazz trumpet

Best Jazz Albums
Wondering what the best jazz albums are? Here's a list of the best jazz recordings
Basic Music Theory
A variety of basic music theory topics explained in this online tutorial
Jazz Theory
Learn about jazz theory and chords with these online tutorials
Jazz Piano Chords
Learn the fundamental types of jazz piano chords here
Music Scales
Here's a compilation of basic music scales as a well as more advanced jazz scales
Ear Training
It is good to be able to hear and recognize the chords and note you hear
Play the Blues
Want to learn to play the blues? Actually it's easy to learn and sounds great
Best Jazz Pianists
Here are the best jazz pianists presented with video examples
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Links to other great jazz websites
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